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SLU v. Avis Meyer Case Settled

As of 4:15pm, both sides have settled in the SLU v. Avis Meyer case.

The details of the settlement have not yet been released.  SLU will be reimbursed for a portion of attorney’s fees, but the final amount has not been disclosed.  According to an audience member in court, the judge will “sign off” on the settled issues tomorrow morning.

This means that the legal battle is over and Dr. Avis Meyer was not found guilty of any of the seven charges set forth by Saint Louis University. (Update at 10pm on 3/2/09: https://saveavis.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/update-on-todays-settlement/)


The news is there’s no news

Just heard from Amy George Rush that when she left at 2:30 p.m., both sides were STILL meeting. According to Amy, “the prevailing theory—SLU was draining the clock ($$$).”

We’re waiting for some type of decision or announcement… and we’ll post as soon as we know more!

Latest News from Courthouse

Hello all, I just got back from the court house and wanted to provide an update.

First Judge Jackson settled some minor motions and other things starting at 9:30, by 10:30am both sides had given their opening statements. Then, the judge asked both sites “What are we doing here?” and urged both sides to come to an agreement outside of trial. At that time, SLU’s attorneys asked for some time to think.

They spent the next 2 hours or so in private meetings discussing the matter, even bringing SLU’s PR and administration staff into the meetings at times. One person even said they heard Biondi on speaker phone. After awhile, Meyer’s attorneys visited the SLU conference room and it appeared that the two sides were negotiating.

It was nice to see that the Meyer family, SLU faculty members, a handful of alumni and several reporters made it to the trial to support Avis.

I had to leave the courthouse at 12:45 to get back to work. As soon as I know more, I will post it here.

Father knows best

The following is an excerpt from the Save Avis Yahoo! Group. For more information about the Group, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saveavis/

Roy Malone, author of the St. Louis Journalism Review article, has sent a letter and package of info on behalf of Dr. Meyer to the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Biondi’s order. A couple of Save Avis members had this same idea. From experience working with a provincilate (sic), info that hits the head honcho’s desk (especially this type of info) is NOT ignored. At the very least, it will generate a phone call, some research and cause concern.

If you’d like to appeal to Biondi’s bosses, here are the addresses you need:

Biondi’s #1 Boss, in Rome:

Father General Adolfo Nicolás
Curia Generalizia
Borgo Santo Spirito, 4

Roma, Italy

Biondi’s #2 Boss, head of the Missouri Province:

Rev. Timothy M. McMahon SJ
Society of Jesus, Missouri Province
4511 West Pine Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO  63108
Telephone: 314.361.7765
Fax: 314.758.7164