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Father knows best

The following is an excerpt from the Save Avis Yahoo! Group. For more information about the Group, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/saveavis/

Roy Malone, author of the St. Louis Journalism Review article, has sent a letter and package of info on behalf of Dr. Meyer to the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Biondi’s order. A couple of Save Avis members had this same idea. From experience working with a provincilate (sic), info that hits the head honcho’s desk (especially this type of info) is NOT ignored. At the very least, it will generate a phone call, some research and cause concern.

If you’d like to appeal to Biondi’s bosses, here are the addresses you need:

Biondi’s #1 Boss, in Rome:

Father General Adolfo Nicolás
Curia Generalizia
Borgo Santo Spirito, 4

Roma, Italy

Biondi’s #2 Boss, head of the Missouri Province:

Rev. Timothy M. McMahon SJ
Society of Jesus, Missouri Province
4511 West Pine Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO  63108
Telephone: 314.361.7765
Fax: 314.758.7164