Raging against the Jesuit machine

Please take a few minutes to read a few of the links about the ongoing battle between St. Louis University and Dr. Avis Meyer, longtime and well-loved adviser to the University News, tenured faculty member, everyone’s favorite movie critic, and the best Communication professor currently at SLU.

The way Dr. Meyer has been treated is unacceptable at a Jesuit-Catholic institution. Actually, SLU isn’t operated by a religious creed anymore, is it? Sold that for $8 million, didn’t they? Aw, shucks. Well, regardless, it’s unacceptable behavior at ANY institution of higher learning.

If you’ve written a letter to the administration and the St. Louis media and would like it posted here, send me an e-mail or comment on the blog. We will be setting up a fund for the legal fees Dr. Meyer has incurred fighting this ridiculous lawsuit (whether he likes it or not).

Feel free to vent your frustrations here and let it be known that alumni, faculty, students and the community will not stand for this flagrant abuse of power.


8 responses to “Raging against the Jesuit machine

  1. Here’s is the link to the members of the board of trustees of SLU. http://www.slu.edu/x19167.xml
    We need to reach them and let them know that SLU has spent almost $40,000 in legal fees harassing Dr. Meyer. Is this where donors and students want their money to go?

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  3. Missy Bange SLU '06

    I can not believe the degree to which this has gone. Dr. Meyer is one of two professors I had at SLU who showed a direct and deeply passionate interest in his students’ education & personal well being. 5 weeks into my sophomore year, I lost a parent very suddenly– not only did Dr. Meyer take extra time to work with me to complete the course, he attended my mom’s wake to show his support. Dr. Meyer is a good man.

    “A” students work their tails off to achieve the much sought after “B” in his class– and are proud of it. He challenges students and is dedicated to the paper and university. Dr. Meyer is a talented educator.

    I’m ashamed that my alma mater is taking such action over an incident that was so obviously a result of Dr. Meyer’s dedication to the students’ best interest. This is wrong.

    I only wish SLU had more professors like Dr. Meyer. I wish SLU had more professors who are as dedicated and selfless as he is. And I wish that we had more SLU faculty, staff and admnistrators who are willing to stand up and fight for what is right. Dr. Meyer pushed me and many others to become the writers we always wanted to be. I truly am a better person for having known him.

    My question to the administration is simple– what is truly in the best interest of the SLU students?

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  5. Here is a link to Avis Meyer’s biography at SLU:

    can this be posted and can we help?

    Friends of Avis

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  7. Amy or others…please contact me. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their friend! I will be in St. Louis next week, and may extend my stay to attend the open session. I would like to use the extra days to do some organising and help in any way I am able. I am at your service. I will be staying at Avis’ place Saturday and Sunday, and will extend my stay longer to do some work on this. I have not told Avis of this idea but I cannot stay away when he needs his friends. So to whomever is doing all this work on his behalf, I offer my support.


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