Letter to the Editor: SLU’s Vendetta against professor is shameful

Julian Long’s Letter to the Editor was published on STLToday on March 5. We agree with many of  Long’s points, including that all the dirty details of the case have not been outted by the Post-Dispatch. We’re sure details will come to light as time goes on, but for now, Long’s claim that SLU required Mrs. Meyer sign an agreement that she would owe the University $6,000 if Dr. Meyer passed away before the end of June 2009 is true. Our advice to Avis? Wear a bullet proof vest and look both ways before crossing Grand.

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03.05.2009 5:10 pm

SLU’s vendetta against professor is shameful

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I was present in the courtroom last Monday at the close of Saint Louis University’s lawsuit against Professor Avis Meyer. Having watched your reporter speak with SLU administrators I am not surprised that your story entitled “SLU and professor settle lawsuit” seems to consist almost entirely of university spin, though apparently Post-Dispatch representatives contacted Professor Meyer before the story ran.

Your story’s lead states that Professor Meyer has agreed “to pay the university $6000 plus certain legal fees” and “refrain from illegally using the university’s name.” Then the next five paragraphs give what appears to be the university’s version of the history of the lawsuit and imply that the university won its case. That simply isn’t true. The university “won” only one point, a claim that Professor Meyer had deleted certain email messages.

SLU lost this lawsuit on the merits, and not with any grace or dignity. In a final sorry gesture, SLU administrators demanded that Mrs. Meyer—yes, Mrs. Meyer—sign an affidavit agreeing to pay the university in case of Professor Meyer’s untimely death. The real story of the SLU vendetta against Avis Meyer is equally sorry. It shames Saint Louis University, and it shames the Society of Jesus. It’s too bad the Post-Dispatch won’t report it.

Julian Long

St. Louis


2 responses to “Letter to the Editor: SLU’s Vendetta against professor is shameful

  1. i want to give this person a big fat kiss on the cheek!

  2. I’m a SLU alum. Last night (4/2/09) I received a call from SLU fund-raising. I declined and explained that I am still wounded by SLU administration’s treatment of beloved, inspirational professor, Dr. Avis Meyer, and that if I was giving money to anyone it would be to Avis Meyer to cover his legal expenses. The SLU student solicitor said she’d make a notation and said I wasn’t the only alum who has responded this way. Money talks. If more of us who are regularly solicited by SLU answered the phone and voiced our displeasure, maybe someone would listen and understand. There’s never been nor will be again a SLU professor as outstanding or selfless as Dr. Avis Meyer. He’s in his profession for all the right reasons. Avis, if you’re reading this: here’s to margins on my papers filled with your insightful red markered comments. Here’s to Cheese Its, and classical music. You made me want to do my best. From, (to quote you) someone who scatters commas like grass seed! You’re the best.

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